Этнос в чужом окружении. Славяне на территории хазарского каганата

Ethnos in а foreign surroundings. The Slavs at the territory of the Khazarian khaganate

  • Valeriy S. Flerov Institute of Archaeology Russian Academy of Sciences, ul. Dm. Ulyanova 19, Moscow 117292
Keywords: Slavs, settlements, Khazarian khaganate, Volyntsevska culture, Borshevska culture


In 1968 the Author of this paper made short lasted excavations at the Slavic settlement near the present-day village Bogoyavlenskoe, Lower Don area. The settlement was destroying by a contemporary construction and that explains a short excavation period. The results were summarized and published in a brief article with some errors (Flyorov, 1971).

Now, the artifact from Bogoyavlenskoe settlement and other settlements among Lower Don area are precisely used (fig. 1: 1). The house type construction is their common characteristic – semi-pit dwellings with stone ovens and pottery with Slavic features. The chronological frame of the settlement is 9th century. To Author’s opinion speaking about the problem and reasons for the Slavs penetration in the Khazarian khaganate is premature.

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