Средновековни структури и материали от Пловдив, „бул. „Цар Борис III Обединител“

Medieval Stuctures and Artifacts from Plovdiv, 65 Tsar Boris III Obedinitel Blvd.

  • Elena Bozhinova Regional Archaeological Museum – Plovdiv, 1 Saedinenie Sq., 4000 Plovdiv
  • Kamen Stanev Cyrillo-Methodius Research Center, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, 13 Moskovska Str., 1000 Sofia
Keywords: Middle Ages, Second Bulgarian Empire, Plovdiv, Urban archaeology


The site is located at the western foot of the Trihalmie locality (the Three Hills), outside the territory fortified during the Mediaeval period. The area has never been excavated before. These excavations were carried out as part of a construction project. However, a significant part of the archaeological remains found at the start of the project were removed by an excavator without recording any archaeological observations. Despite the significant destructions of the upper part of the archaeological layers and structures, the excava­tions allowed to study six pits in the lower part. One of the pits is dated back to the 11th century and the rest – to the second half of the 12th – the early 13th century. The yielded artefacts are similar to those yielded by contemporary structures excavated in other parts of the town of Plovdiv. For the first time, the artifacts found at the site provided archaeological evidence that this area had been occupied during the 11th – the early 13th century.

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