The Roman Army and Roman Cities

  • Miroslava Mirković Faculty of Philosophy University of Belgrade 18-20 Čika Ljubina Str. RS-11000 Beograd
Keywords: camping of the troops, Hebdomon, Constantinople, Mediana, Nicomedia, Sirmium


The incompatibility of the army and city life not only in Rome and Italy, but also in the provinces was respected from the beginning of Roman rule until the end of Antiquity. In Rome the army could be gathered on the Campus Martius, outside the City. Augustus disposed the legions along the frontier. Examples from the Danubian frontier prove that the military legionary and auxiliary camps were usually located not far from the city, but still at some distance, two or more miles from the civil settlement. Roman emperors in the 1st– 4th century encountered the difficulties of stationing the army when passing with troops from one part of the Empire to another, or during the wars on the frontiers: where to put the troops? In the following pages, the discussion about this issue will be limited to the examples of the big cities in the Eastern part of the Empire, Asia Minor and the Balkans: Constantinople, Nicomedia, Naissus, and Sirmium.