Roman Lamps from Abdera

  • Maria Chryssaphi Ephorate of Antiquities of Xanthi Greek Ministry of Culture and Sports Archaeological Museum of Abdera GR-67061 Abdera / Xanthi
Keywords: Abdera, South Enceinte, Roman lamps, local production


In the course of sixty-five years of excavations in the ancient city of Abdera, over one thousand three hundred lamps have been found. A large number of them come from the South Enceinte and mainly from the buildings of the last chronological phases. This preliminary study focuses on the basic groups dated from the 1st c. BC to the 4th c. AD. The discussion is subdivided on the basis of typology, date, technique, and the relationship with the production centers, namely Italy, Corinth, Athens, Ephesos, and Knidos. Τhe influence of the famous workshops, as well as the imported and the local products are also examined.