The Presence of Roman and Provincial Coins in Aegean Thrace: Quantitative and Qualitative Analysis

  • Marina Tasaklaki Ephorate of Antiquities of Rhodope 4 A. Symeonidi Str. GR-69132 Komotini
Keywords: Aegean Thrace, provincial coins, imperial coins, Roman period


Based on statistical analysis of more than 1200 Roman and provincial coins found in Aegean Thrace, the present study aims to reconstruct the monetary circulation and to trace the relations between the cities that prospered between the 1st and the 3rd c.: Topeiros, Abdera, Maroneia, Traianopolis and Plotinopolis. Those cities were affected directly or indirectly by the Roman administrative changes in the province of Thrace in the course of three centuries. Their monetary production, compared with the presence of Roman imperial coins in the area, points to their mutually complementary relations.