On Some Personal Names of Thrace

  • Argyro B. Tataki National Hellenic Research Foundation 2 Phokylidou Str. GR-10673 Athens
Keywords: Macedonian names, Thracian names, Panhellenic names, frequent names, rare names, unique names, distribution of names


The observations exposed in this paper are based on the material collected in the Lexicon of Greek Personal Names v. 4 (2005), edited by Peter Fraser and Elaine Matthews, which includes all the names written in Greek from Macedonia, Thrace and the northern regions of the Black Sea (Cimmerian Bosporus and Scythia among them). Some affinities in the onomasticon of the two large neighbouring areas, Macedonia and Thrace, can be traced on the basis of the Macedonian onomasticon that consists mostly of local and Panhellenic names. In Thrace there are also local, meaning Thracian, and Panhellenic names. Some Macedonian names included in the onomasticon of Thrace have a comparable frequency in both areas. Since Thrace is a rather extended area, it is not possible to sketch the distribution of Greek and Macedonian names in it and also the ratio of Thracian names in its onomasticon. I will just expose some observations on it, by isolating some names and commenting on their frequency or rarity, which I consider very important factors for the understanding of each onomasticon. Special attention is given to the names in the colonies of the Western coast of the Black Sea.