The Roman City of Abdera and Its Territory

  • Constantina Kallintzi Director of the Ephorate of Antiquities of Xanthi Archaeological Museum of Abdera GR-67071 Abdera / Xanthi
Keywords: Abdera, Topeiros, Via Egnatia, asty, residences, road system, water supply, drainage, cemeteries, chora


In this paper we shall discuss the presence of the city of Abdera in the Roman period, as known by historical sources and archaeological evidence. Many sectors of the Roman city and its cemeteries have been revealed through excavations, but unfortunately, due to the continuous habitation in the same area, the construction phases overlap. However, a satisfactory view of the urban plan and the arrangement of the cemeteries is available, while the ceramic and minor objects provide information about everyday life and the economic activities of the population, as well as their burial customs. Alongside the excavations, surface surveys have been conducted in the territory of Abdera, which have provided data for the settlements, the rural facilities and the villae rusticae around the city, as well as the adverse effects of the construction of Via Egnatia. Nevertheless, despite the existence of architectural remains of the city’s buildings and a significant amount of other archaeological artifacts, the Roman period of Abdera has not been studied in depth. Thus, this paper aims to contribute to research towards this direction.